One of Everything!

One of Everything!

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Experience all the wholesome deliciousness of our handmade Italian cookies with our "One of Everything" selection.

From the Original Butterhorns, to the Lemon, Double Chocolate Espresso, Chocolate Butterhorns, Anise, Vanilla Sprinkle and Ginger Molasses flavors, this is a treat you don't want to miss. Indulge in every flavor and find your favorite today.

Taste each of our unique flavors at a discounted price when you purchase one bag of each!

  • Our Original Butterhorns

  • Our Chocolate Butterhorns

  • Our Lemon 'S' Cookies

  • Our Anise 'S' Cookies

  • Our Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies

  • Our Ginger Molasses Cookies

  • Our Vanilla Sprinkle 'S' Cookies

This package makes a great gift for all occasions or a delicious treat for yourself!

Our "One of Everything" package includes 7 total bags of cookies

Our Original, The Butterhorn

CiCi's first cookie starts with a rolled dough and Nana Julie's signature mix of cinnamon, sugar and walnuts.

The balance of flavors is incredible, and leaves you wanting more.

Our chocolate butterhorn.

For the chocolate lovers, we've added Guittard Bittersweet chunks inside, as well as drizzled on top.

Our Italian 's' Anise cookie

A staple at CiCi's family's Christmas gatherings.

Anise is extremely aromatic, it pairs perfectly with an espresso or warm cup of coffee.

Our Italian 's' Lemon cookie

Our bestseller. Fresh lemon juice is squeezed into our frosting.

The balance of sweet and tart is perfect, if we say so ourselves.

Our Double Chocolate Espresso Cookie

We use high fat cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate chips from Guittard chocolate for a true and rich chocolate flavor.

Paired with a hint of fine ground espresso, you can't go wrong.

Oh, and of course, we finish them with Maldon sea salt.

Our Ginger Molasses cookie

Ginger. Cinnamon. Molasses. Cloves.

A perfect fall treat that perfectly works all year round.

There's no 'snap' with ours. We bake them to be perfectly chewy and soft.

And of course
Our Vanilla sprinkle cookie

Sometimes there's just nothing better than your favorite cookie with colorful sprinkles.

As with all of our cookies, we use only the best ingredients.

That's why we use real bourbon vanilla extract in our frosting and in our dough.


Soooooo Delicious! I make a similar type cookie around the holidays so I thought I'd give these a try and compare the two. They are simply delicious and better than my mom's tried and true recipe! They are just delightful and not too sweet. I fear they will be gone soon...


My god, the original butterhorns might possible be the best cookies on earth. Stop reading right now and go find them.

Claudia G.

Amazingly Delicious. I've been eating these Butterhorns for years, they are absolutely wonderful. Anyone in my family who has tried them can't stop raving about them. Absolutely DELICIOUS - flaky with just the right amount of everything! Yum...

Nancy C.

Amazing cookies I love the sprinkle vanilla cookies yumm super soft and fresh!!!

Bridgid H.
Los Angeles, CA

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