About Us

Celebrating 11 Years in Business!

    CiCi's Italian Cookies is celebrating our 11 year anniversary!!! These past 11 years CiCi's has grown into a family business that honors Nana Julie's legacy every single day. We still use all natural ingredients and our cookies are still handmade and baked to order 5 days a week. We can't thank everyone enough for the love and support we've received and are extremely excited to see where the next 11 years takes us!


About Us


CiCi’s Italian Cookies started 11 years ago with one cookie recipe and a dream.

Growing up in an Italian American family, Christine Falatico Frey was always surround by love and food. Lots and lots of food. Her grandmother, Nana Julie, would make everything from scratch and when Christine would fly out to New York to spend time with her it was typically time spent in the kitchen.

When it came time for Christine to start a family of her own, she knew she wanted to follow in Nana Julie’s footsteps and make everything from scratch. What better way to show someone you care about them than through food, right? From fresh baked scones as an after-school snack to pizza dough rising on the counter, chocolate birthday cakes or a chicken roasting in the oven, Christine’s house always smelled like delicious food.  

After Christine’s kids went off to college, she had a little more time to focus on herself and what she wanted her next adventure to be. Knowing she needed to have a passion for whatever came next, she was drawn to the theme of food. But how could she show the world love through food without having them over for dinner? And then it hit her, with a freshly baked bag of her Nana Julie’s Italian Butterhorns!

Fast forward to today and her dream has become a reality. Christine is now known as CiCi, her cookies are shipped across the country and if you’re not family working for her, you sure feel like family! CiCi’s Italian Cookies has the best employees on the planet! Their commitment to creating quality, handmade cookies is what makes CiCi’s Italian Cookies so special. Everything from how the cookie is shaped to how the bow is tied onto the bag needs to be perfect and they make sure that happens! 

Christine’s daughter Brittney also works for CiCi’s Italian Cookies. She spent time in Corporate America before moving over to fulfill her destiny as Christine’s right hand lady. She puts her years in the financial industry to use by keeping an eye on the books while Christine is checking in on all our stores and creating new cookie recipes! Together they are going to build CiCi’s into a cookie empire!