CiCi's Italian Chocolate Butterhorns

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We've taken our classic Italian Butterhorn and paired it with Guittard bittersweet chocolate to create a decadent Chocolate Butterhorn.
It's sure to appeal to the chocolate lover in you and wow you at first bite! 
All natural and hand rolled with the same care and love we put into all our cookies.
Enjoy with a cup of coffee or a sip of your favorite vino!
One bag has 8 cookies and weighs 8 ounces


Bought a bag of the chocolate filled butterhorns in the Pt. Reyes Station market. Some of the best cookies I have ever had.  Dark, fine chocolate filled, with a hint of cinnamon, in a crispy crust.  Fortunately, I can drive to the store on the way to work.

Matt R.

Guittard Bittersweet